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Workaround for Compaq DHCP Problem

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By Alex Trappenberg

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Posted: 16 May 2003

We had a problem with our Compaq servers, and I'd like to share my solution. The problem was, we upgraded from NetWare 5.1 to 6.0 sp2 on Compaq ml370 servers, and after a couple of reboots, DHCP stopped handing out addresses.

The solution was to edit netinfo.cfg and add checksum=off after the first load line.

This was reported to be a problem with q57 and b57.lan drivers but this is also the case with Compaq drivers!!!!! I wish someone had given me this tip instead of finding out the hard way (three days of agony).

If you have any questions you may contact Alex at

Other Suggestions

Stephen Harrison

This problem effects all UDP traffic from the server including NCP (normal NetWare traffic), DNS and DHCP. In TID 10074053 the problem with NCP (timesync) is highlighted. We have had these problems and found the best fix was to update the driver to the one included with SmartStart 6.10. This has fixed all the problems.

We could not make use of the workround because the driver does not offer an option to disable checksumming from inetcfg and the server needed that for BorderManager. We had a fun few weeks with it because of problems with DNS and that is not good for a server running a proxy cache!

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