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Eliminate the Windows XP Dual-Login Issue

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By Rob Callbeck

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Posted: 20 May 2003

We have a NetWare 5.1 network and no Microsoft servers, hence no Domains. We have begun upgrading the desktops to XP and the two-logon issue was driving everyone nuts. Autologon wouldn't work because no one wanted to be the one who gave up their profile to use someone else's or have the extra keystokes of the second logon.

SOLUTION: Here's how we solved the problem.

  1. In the Local Security Policy on the XP PC, go to Local Policies\Security Options.
  2. Set Interactive Logon: Do not display last user name > Enabled
  3. Set Interactive Logon: Number of previous logons to cache (in case domain controller is not available) > 0
  4. Restart the PC.

The username and password from the Novell logon dialog will now pass through to the Windows XP logon and if there is a matching username with a matching password the user will be logged on to both and NEVER see the Windows XP logon dialog, regardless of who logged on last, unless you use the shift key. If either the username or password fails to match, the Windows XP logon dialog will appear and allow the user to logon with a different username and password.

This solution prevents the total panic some of our users experience when they suddenly have a second logon box appear and they can't just mindlessly repeat the steps that had worked last time.

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