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In the Works: NetWare 6.5 Web Component Series

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 29 May 2003

Click here for a PDF of Joe Harmon's popular series on the NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure.

What's Next?

Here's a sneak peek at what Joe's sketched out for the next series. But this guy is deeply motivated by your needs, (he's a Support Engineer; he lives to answer questions...) so don't be shy about asking for something if you don't see it on this list.

Novell NetWare 6.5 Web Components

Written and Compiled by Joe Harmon

Here at Novell we are trying to cater to the needs of the customer and their Nterprise. We know that you are under constant pressure to Nsure the security of your network to all of your internal and external customers. We know that budgets are getting tighter than ever. We know that the "rip and replace" scenario is not the solution that any company is looking for. So in order to meet your needs, Novell has created the OneNet vision. In this vision, four major developments have come into the industry which allow you to:

  • Properly construct your Nterprise by adding Novell solutions where they are needed as well as enhancing your existing and condensing existing services to help reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Nsure that you can provide the maximum services in the securest environment through Secure Identity Management on eDirectory backbone allowing you to control, modify, create, link, condense, your users, objects, devices, information, services, and much much more?
  • exteNd your Nterprise over the ever-growing network of the World Wide Web. Introducing the latest technologies to get the most out of your services and information.
  • Ngage some of the best minds at Novell through Novell Consulting and Novell Support. Thus receiving the best practices and specialized help needed for your situation.

Purpose of this book

Over the years I have seen the need for documents that provide a combination of deployment guides, quick starts, TID's (Technical Information Documents), documentation and troubleshooting information. This need has motivated me to create this document. The purpose of this document is to help you understand, install, and configure the most common web components with NetWare 6.5. My hope and desire is that you will better understand what Novell has to offer and to give you the tools and information necessary to make your life a little easier during this process. This document is not going to be a description of how every feature works within this complex product. If this is what you are looking for, check out the excellent comprehensive online documentation.

Projected Table of Contents

Building your Nterprise - Cross-platform services and management

  • What you need to understand before you build your Nterprise
  • Installation, Deployment, and Configuration
  • DNS Resolution
    • Understanding what resolves where
  • Understanding SSL
  • File Access
    • iFolder
    • NetStorage
    • WebDAV
    • NetDrive
    • FTP
    • Novell Client
  • Printing
    • iPrint
  • Data Access and Warehousing
    • eDirectory
    • DirXML
    • Search Server
    • MySQL
  • Server Management
    • Web Manager
    • NetWare Remote Manager
    • iManager 2.0
  • Web Publishing
    • Apache Web Server
    • Tomcat Web Application Server
  • Developing
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • Perl
  • Web Services

Nsure your Nterprise - Secure identity management

  • Identity Management
    • eDirectory
    • iChain
    • eGuide
  • Security
    • iChain
    • BorderManager
    • NAT

exteNd your Nterprise - Web application development

  • One Net Interface
    • Virtual Office
    • exteNd Director 4.1
    • ZEN Synergy

Ngage Novell - A service(s) providing both strategic and technology consulting and support.

  • Making the most of Novell Technical Support.
  • Solution Building with Novell Consulting

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