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Download NetWare 6.5 to fix DHCP Related IP Address Issues

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By Caleb Squires

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Posted: 29 May 2003

We had problems with IP addresses changing when running a NetWare 6 Server off a DSL Connection. The problem is the Novell Server doesn't recognize the switch (router), which in turn makes IP addresses static for workstations because DHCP is enabled in them (i.e. Windows 9x/2000, Linux etc). but not the Novell Server.

SOLUTION: Download NetWare 6.5 because it supports the DSL Connection. NetWare 6.5 protocol of IP V.6 supports routing, switches etc. This, therefore, makes your IP addresses static and accessible on the Internet, unlike NetWare 6.0 which only supported version 4 of the IP Protocol.

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