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Pconsole and NetWare 5.x

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Posted: 12 Oct 2000

There have been requests for certain command line and C Worthy based Novell Client Utilities to function with NetWare 5.x. One such request is Pconsole.exe. Pconsole.exe is a Print setup utility that is used in NetWare 3.x and 4.x. However, 5.x does not ship Pconsole. Some have asked if Pconsole from 4.x would work in 5.x. Well this tip will give the user the steps and files that are needed for Pconsole to function in a NetWare 5.x environment. Pconsole is an unsupported utility in the 5.x environment and could stop functioning as changes, patches and updates are added to 5.x.

Copy the following files to your sys:public and sys:public\nls\english\ directories:

  • Pconsole.exe
  • Pconsole.hep
  • Pconsole.msg
  • PrintQ.msg
  • PrintQ.hep

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