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How to mount .ISO images as NetWare volume

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By Alex Warmerdam

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Posted: 10 Jul 2003

Hans van den Heuvel found this very useful post of Alex's in a forum he monitors regularly, and sent it along to us. Enjoy!

If you have an .ISO image you would like to mount as a volume on your NetWare 6 server here's how you do it.

  1. Copy your .ISO image to a directory on your volume.
  2. Load cdinst.nlm
  3. Type "cd image <volumes:Path to iso file\iso filename>"
  4. As the last step, type "cd mount <volume name>"
    (When you don't know the volume name of your image you can type "cd device list" and check the volume name on the logger screen)


  • For this to work make sure you do NOT have cd9660.nss and cdhfs.nss loaded.
  • This trick does not work on NetWare 6.5 as the next release of NetWare no longer uses cdinst.nlm

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