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Dumping Your Directory DB Info for Novell to Debug

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By Shyamal Ganguly

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Posted: 2 Sep 2003

If you ever need to get Novell's help debugging, you will need to create a Directory Information Base (DIB) set using Dsrepair and send it to Novell. Here's how you do it.

Give this command at NetWare server console: "dsrepair -rc"

This creates a directory information base (DIB) set. Its purpose is to store the directory database in a file that can be sent to Novell for debugging purposes. The files created are


In SYS:SYSTEM\DSR_DIB. (Corrected)

If you have any questions you may contact Shyamal at

Andrej Dolnicar

There is a mistake, correct directory is SYS:SYSTEM/DSR_DIB !

And maybe you should suggest to readers the "safe" policy, to put a dump command in crontab every week or so and back it to the tape. In case of a problem you might not be able to bring server up.

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