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NetWare 6.5 Tomcat 4 .keystore Utility

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Posted: 29 Sep 2003

Download the file from TID 2967014

Tomcat 4 on NetWare 6.5 requires LDAP connectivity on port 636 to load. During install, the public key from the LDAP host certificate is exported and placed in the sys:/adminsrv/conf/.keystore file.

If the LDAP servers SSL certificate is changed or becomes invalid, Tomcat 4 will fail to load with a "Could not contact LDAP" error on the Logger Screen.

To resolve this issue, the public key will need to be re-exported to the .keystore file. Here's a utility to export the Host certificate (from localhost), and place it in sys:/adminsrv/conf/.keystore

Unzip the file to the root of the SYS volume on the 6.5 server. It will put an NCF, "tcedirint.ncf" into sys:/system, and some supporting jars into sys:/adminsrv/lib

To run the tool, execute tcedirint from the server console with the following parameters:

  • The full LDAP context of your admin user (for example, ou=adminusers,o=mycompany)
  • The full LDAP context of your server (for example, ou=servers,o=mycompany)

Do not include the CN, only the context, like this:

tcedirint ou=adminusers,o=mycompany ou=servers,o=mycompany

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