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Changing User Data Directory on iFolder 2

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By Vincent Krommenhoek

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Posted: 6 Nov 2003

A while ago I installed NetWare 6 SP3 with iFolder and the USER data directory on a volume other than SYS. Recently I updated iFolder to iFolder2, and discovered that the USER data directory had gone back to SYS.

TID 10065416 describes how to change the user data directory on iFolder, but that doesn't work on iFolder2. Here's how I did it:

You must edit sys:\Apache\iFolder\Server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf and change:

iFolderServerRoot SYS:\iFolder -> iFolderServerRoot %volume%:\iFolder
iFolderUserRoot SYS:\iFolder -> iFolderUserRoot %volume%:\iFolder

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