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Stopping the iPrint client from Checking for Updates

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Posted: 2 Dec 2003

If you don't like the fact that the iPrint client checks for updates every time the workstation boots up, don't just gnash your teeth. Here's how to make it behave the way you want.

Edit the SYS:\LOGIN\IPPDOCS\IPRINT.INI and set AllowAutoUpdate = 0

By default the iPrint.ini file in SYS:\Login\IPPDocs (which the iPrint client reads at startup), is set to check for updates and prompt the user. Other settings can also be chosen if this is not the desired behavior. Options are as follows:

  • AllowAutoUpdate = 1 ;Get newer iPrint client from Server?
  • ;0 = Don't automatically update client.
  • ;1 = Update client at boot time, prompt user.
  • ;2 = Update client at boot time, don't prompt user

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