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Updated NetStorage Gadget

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Posted: 9 Dec 2003

Have you seen the recently updated NetStorage Gadget for Novell NetWare Webaccess? This Gadget will enable users to access their iFolder account, access mapped network drives processed via login scripts, and access their home directory. In other words, this will make your users worship you.

This updated Gadget has been designed to take advantage of the single sign-on capabilities of the NetIdentity client. Gadgets will use the NetIdentity credentials for login. Clients with the NetIdentity client or the ZFD4 agent installed will need this gadget to successfully login to NetStorage.

To download this file, go to TID 2967443


  1. Copy all three files to SYS:\webapps\WebAccess\WEB-INF\classes\com\novell\nps\gadgets\netstorage on the Webaccess server.
  2. Restart Tomcat (ie.)


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