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Installing the Virtual Office Plugin Manually

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Posted: 17 Dec 2003

If you didn't select Virtual Office as a product to install in the initial installation of NetWare 6.5, and then you decide to install it later, here's an important heads up: don't forget you need to install the Virtual Office iManager plugin manually.

Here's how you install the Virtual Office plugin:

  1. Login to iManager 2 as Admin and select the Configure view button on the top bar.
  2. Expand RBS Configuration.
  3. Select Configure iManager.
  4. Select the button to Upgrade Collections.
  5. Complete the steps of the Configuration Wizard.

NOTE: In one of the steps in the Configuration Wizard, the administrator is prompted to browse for the desired plugin. You can find the Virtual Office Plugin on the 2nd Netware 6.5 CD Titled "Products". There are two plugins that you can install:

1. ..\products\voffice\virtualoffice.npm
2. ..\products\voffice\VOCommunityServices.npm

Also, the configuration wizard will ask you to bounce Tomcat. You can do this by typing "tc4stop" at a server console prompt. Make sure you look at the Logger screen and make sure that Tomcat completely unloads before you type Tomcat4 to restart Tomcat.

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