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Easy Changing of Machine's IP Address

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By Subramanian Nallasivam

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Posted: 17 Dec 2003

When the IP address of the machine changes, have you thought it was necessary to change the application configuration file with the new IP address manually? (For example, when the IP address changes, the Apache service won't come up.) Well, it's easier than you think, if you have NetWare 6.5.

In NetWare 6.5 there is a new feature called IP Address Management which can be seen in NRM page. After changing the IP address in inetcfg before reinitializing, go to the NRM page change all the application which are displayed to be listening on the newly provided IP address, and then do a reinitialize on the server. Then we can restart the server to make all the applications listen on the new IP address or only unload and load the respective application. This makes the administration easy as the administrator need not bother to know where the configuration file is.

For example, invoke inetcfg and change the IP address and do not reinitialize. Go to NRM page and access IP address Management framework. Change the Apache configuration to the newly changed IP address. Then do reinitialize on the system and unload and load the apache service. The Apache service will start listening on the newly bound IP address.

For more information, see this section of the documentation.

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