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Kudos for NetWare Server Consolidation Utility

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By Charles Smith

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Posted: 21 Jan 2004

I have to hand it to you guys. I am a forever loving Novell user, who sometimes does not plan well for additional users and files. The NetWare Server Consolidation Utility saved the day. Instead of making us run backups and restores with flaky backup software, or trying to NCOPY files over and then apply TCOPY, only to find out that the NCOPY changed some of the DOS names of the long file name so TCOPY became useless, or even trying to use TBACKUP and TRESTORE, you have come out with a winner that has been greatly needed for years.

Your utility now allows me to move my 55gig worth of data to a larger server/data setup without losing the trustees. It seems simple in concept, but it took us a year to realize that this the best way to go. HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS AT NOVELL and thanks a million.

Other Comments

Jay Burrell

In my opinion, Mr. Smith was did not nearly champion the vast usefulness of the SCU enough!

We have recently purchased/deployed a very large SAN environment. Our NetWare environment consumes approximately 1 Terabyte of diskspace. Being in a University environment, we host quite a number of Macintosh file spaces.... Oh, those awful Resource Forks! Well, until SCU came along!!! SCU moves them perfectly since it uses NetWare TSA's do to the job.

We simply create a new volume on the SAN, setup the copy job, and start it shortly after 5 pm. We then schedule down-time at 10 pm, at which time we dismount the volume to clear any connections, mount the volume, and run the copy job again as SCU can be configured to "SYNCHRONIZE" the two file systems, therefore the second copy is relatively quick. Then we just rename the original volume OLD_volume and rename the NEW_volume to volume.

There is one caveat: HomeDirectory properties are lost due to the renaming of the volumes. We fix that with an LDAP script. We extract the current setting and store that in a file in LDIF form. After the moving of data and renaming of volumes, we simply "push" the original HomeDirectoryProperty attribute setting back by way of LDAP and LDIF! COOL!

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