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Tracing Network Problems using Command Lines

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By Subramanian Nallasivam

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Posted: 21 Jan 2004

If you are a freeBSD unix server administrator/user and you are facing problems in using NetWare server for finding arp route, entry, etc., here's some good news.

SOLUTION: From NetWare 6.5 onwards, a command line facility has been provided. The command lines provided are arp, netstat, routecon (similar to route in freeBSD4.4), ifconfig, and nwtrace (similar to traceroute in freeBSD4.4). Using these commands one can actually trace the network problem and try to find a solution by properly configuring the network entry.

EXAMPLE: To see any help on of these command lines, help pages are provided.

For example, we can have

  • arp -help -- to see the complete usage and what it basically provides
  • netstat -help
  • ifconfig -help
  • routecon -help
  • nwtrace -help

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