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Beware: Scrsaver.nlm Can Lock You Out

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By Gijsbert Flier

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Posted: 4 Feb 2004

Here's a little gotcha that G. Flier took time to share.

If you are running DSREPAIR and by some chance scrsaver.nlm locks your screen, you will discover (to your horror) that you cannot unlock your screen because the NDS is locked.

So here's the tip: Unload scrsaver.nlm before running DSREPAIR.

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Other Suggestions

Steen Lauridsen

If you use the command "scrsaver no password" when you load scrsaver.nlm, it will unlock the screensaver without requiring a password if DS is locked or otherwise unavailable. If DS is available, you will still have to provide an admin ID and password.


This isn't as serious as all that. Pop open your browser and log into NetWare Remote Manager. Go to the modules listing and select scrsaver.nlm. Hit unload.

Alternatively, load scrsaver.nlm with the "no password" option. This will require authentication as always UNLESS DS is locked. When it is locked, simply pressing any key will remove the screensaver.

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