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Bring that Partition Closer

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Posted: 21 May 1999

We all want the salsa within arm's reach. Face it. If the salsa is at the other end of the table, it's just too much trouble to go over and get a dip. And if you're administering a WAN, it's the same thing with your directory. If you don't have a local copy at the branch office, it just takes too much time and effort for your users to dip into the directory, so to speak.

If you have a WAN (and especially if you have slow or unreliable WAN links) we recommend that you consider partitioning the NDS Directory and putting a partition within arm's reach of you users. Creating the new partition allows you to split the database and pass the objects in that branch to a different server, improving the access to NDS. If all replicas are kept on a local server, for instance, users at remote sites encounter delays when logging in or accessing resources. If the link goes down, users at remote sites can't log in or access resources at all. If replicas are distributed between sites, users can access the directory locally. So bring that partition, and the bowl of salsa, a little closer.

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