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Moving a Subtree? Watch Out for This

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Posted: 9 Jul 1999

If you need to reorganize the objects in your NDS tree because of a merger, phenomenal growth, or just a personal propensity to organize, a move subtree operation is probably in your future, and you'll want to be aware of this potential issue.

For those of you who aren't familiar with move subtree, here's a quick summary: When you move an Organizational Unit (OU) to another context in your NDS tree, the operation is called move subtree. This operation saves you the trouble of moving individual objects. Instead, you can make the OU a partition (be sure it doesn't have any child partitions), and then move that partition to a new location in the tree. When you do this, NDS moves the container and all of its subordinate objects to the new location. (It's worth noting that this is a logical and not a physical move.)

What's the Issue?

You won't have any problems with move subtree in a pure NetWare 4.x environment. But if you have a mixed NetWare 4.x and NetWare 5 tree, watch out.

The problem appears when the server object of the master resides in the partition that is being moved. In this scenario, the partition gets stuck (not good), and the move subtree doesn't complete.

What's the Solution?

Before you start a move subtree in a mixed NetWare 4.x and NetWare 5 environment, be sure to move the server object of the master to a server whose server object is stored in a partition that's not participating in the move subtree.

If your partition is already in a stuck state, you'll need to give technical support a call to resolve the issue.

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