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Updating Print Queue Name Easily

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Posted: 9 Feb 2004

We recently posting this Open Call, and got some good suggestions.

Question: Becky C. wrote: Is there any tool or suggestion to update Windows workstations (98 and XP) with a new print queue name without having to reinstall it?

We are going to be changing the O= name in our tree and wanted an easy way to update users' workstations with the new name. Our tree and our Organization name are the same, HC. We would like to upgrade to nw6.5 from nw5.1sp6. We were told by NetWare OS guys to change the name of the O prior to the migration. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

OPEN CALL: Anyone have any suggestions for Becky? Let us know.


Marcel de Roode

I have done this a few times with an automated registry Search and Replace tool called Registry Replace (shareware). It used an ini file where you could enter any number of search terms and their respective replacements.

Eli Falek

Here is a tool that you can use to change the printer name from bindary to NDS name. I believe that you can also use it to do what you're looking for.

To see how to use this tool just type print#s.exe /? and you'll get the details.

Example: print#s.exe preefic_of_server tree printers-container %pc% pc= 95 or NT


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