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Keep Servers without Replicas in the Loop when the Replica Server is Unavailable

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By JD Nyland

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Posted: 22 Sep 1999

Editor's Note: Mr. Nyland, our over-the-top, over-achieving, IS&T NDS guru, has shared another tidbit that'll make your life with NDS smoother and easier. Enjoy!

If you have an IP only segment on your Network or if you're one of the few, the proud administrators who have an IP only network, here's a quick tip that will keep your servers which don't hold replicas in touch with the replica ring, even when you down the server or heaven forbid, you lose communication with the server that holds the replica (which of course only happens during a blue moon in the year of a total eclipse of the sun).

In IP only areas where multicast is turned off, type the following at the command line on all the servers without replicas:

set nds bootstrap address=

For best results, the IP Address you specify should equal a server in the replica ring that holds a replica, preferably the master replica. And don't forget the colon. It's small, but a colon must follow the IP address in order for the setting to work.

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