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Managing Multiple Users Requesting Access to NDS over an HTTP Connection

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By J. Jeffrey Hanson

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Posted: 30 Sep 1999

Ever wonder how to authenticate and manage requests coming from multiple HTTP clients using a servlet and the Novell NDS Java Bean? Well, here's the scoop:

Handling multiple requests from HTTP clients is not a problem with today's technologies. Handling multiple, authenticated requests to access NDS from HTTP clients is a problem that has not been solved with any real efficiency or simplicity until now. Using Servlet and Java Bean technology, a webserver administrator can easily handle multiple requests from HTTP clients and securely access NDS in proxy for the clients.

The NDS Java Bean that is included with the Beans for Novell Services download from Novell's developer-SDK site provides APIs to access and manage all of the features of NDS including schema management and manipulation. The NDS Java Bean also allows developers to authenticate instances of the Bean in proxy for a user. This enables the authenticated instance of the Bean to access, modify and browse an NDS tree and its schema with the same access privileges as the user. With this concept in mind, a servlet running on a webserver can use the Bean to authenticate a user using the user's name and password and then handle HTTP requests from the user and return HTTP responses in the form of HTML pages, Internet events, RMI method calls, etc.

Handling authenticated requests from users over an HTTP connection opens up unlimited possibilities for multi-tier, web applications. Such applications can relay requests from clients to access NDS, mail data to other users using GroupWise, manage remote servers using ZENworks, etc. All of these operations can be done from a client's browser at work or at home, from a service running on a server and from a client application on a Windows machine, a UNIX machine, or a Mac machine.

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