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Be a Hero: Make Life Easy for Your Mobile Users

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By Blair Thomas, Jeff Hughes

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Posted: 4 Nov 1999

Here's your chance to be a hero with the pointy-haired men and women (the movers and shakers) who are always on the go and always having trouble logging in at remote offices because they can't remember their NDS context. All you need to do is create an alias for these mobile folks, and you'll be a hero, a veritable knight in shining armor. Once they have an alias they won't need to remember their context anymore. This means they won't forget, and your genius will have made them look like geniuses. (And, whatever the setting, making the boss look good is never a bad thing for the bonus check.)

As most of you know, the alias object (an object that points to another object you specify in the tree) comes in very handy when you're moving subtrees or renaming containers. But you may not know how the alias object can help you manage your mobile users. There are a few in every company, those folks who travel from office to office, but just can't seem to remember their NDS context. As a result, they always run into trouble and end up calling the help desk to login when they're away from home.

You can eliminate these calls (and the mobile user's frustration) by creating an alias at the top of the tree just below the Organization object to shorten the user's context. If you do this, then user Fred doesn't have to remember a long context anymore. No...if user FRED wants to log in to the network in Cincinnati, he only needs to remember that his context is FRED.NOVELL, because the alias points to his actual context in the tree and fills in all the nitty-gritty details. Simple as that. The alias makes Fred's life easier, and your life is a bit easier too.

Of course, bear in mind that you'll only want to create an alias for a few of your users, the mobile ones and a few VIPs. You definitely (take our word for it) don't want or need to create an alias for every user in your tree.

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