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Secrets to Deleting and Restoring Group Objects

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By Paul Thompson

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Posted: 23 Nov 1999

If you've ever deleted a group object and then restored it from a backup, you've no doubt run across this little jewel: the users who were members of the group are restored as members of the group just as you'd expect, but they are no longer associated with the group. (It feels a little like when you open that Bose box on Christmas morning to find an Emerson clock radio inside.)

Unless you do a complete restore of NDS (which Novell recommends only in a single-server environment), the objects are not actually restored. Instead, they are recreated. This means the objects have new object IDs, and as a result, all object dependencies are broken.

If you find yourself in this situation, you'll want to check out the GRPFIX utility. This is a handy little tool available from the support folks Novell, and you use this utility to associate all your users and groups with the new group IDs.

So...give yourself an early treat for the holidays, and download a copy of GRPFIX now.

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