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Viewing the NDS Hidden Directory

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Paul Thompson

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Posted: 8 Dec 1999

Paul has been with Novell for three and half years, and he's a dedicated support engineer who looks after one of our largest customers in the UK. When he's not resolving support incidents, Paul is a keen amateur mycologist, travels a bit, does some hill walking (no mountains in the UK), and spends time with his two young children.

True to human nature...everyone wants to peek inside the NDS hidden directory. Some folks have a specific reason and others well...some others just want to see what's so great that we'd hide it. Of course, we stuffed all the NDS files in a hidden directory to keep them safe from amateur admins and snoopy users. But whatever your reason for wanting to view the contents of this directory, here's a completely safe way to see the NDS hidden directory:

  1. From a workstation, start an RCONSOLE session on the server of your choice, and then call up the RCONSOLE menu by pressing ALT+F1.
  2. Select the menu option, Directory Scan, and then type SYS:_NETWARE in the dialog box.

    The hidden directory _NETWARE will be displayed with a listing of the files that make up your NDS.

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