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Conflict with NDS8 in a tree that has a 4.10 server

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Posted: 4 Jan 2001

Please be aware that support will not and cannot fix DS sync issues between NW 4.1 servers in a tree with NDS8. Please note that BEFORE installing NDS8 in a tree that includes NW 4.1 or earlier.

Here is a summary of the issue. The NW5.1 servers running NDS8 are not compatible with NW4.10. The support life cycle ended for NW4.10 before NW5.10 NDS8 was developed. The result of this is that NW4.10 will not handle the auxiliary classes from NW5.1 NDS8. This will stop the synchronization of the schema possibly for the entire tree, depending on the order of the Schema Sync List. The solution for this problem is to upgrade to NW4.11/4.2 or higher. You may set the replicas to master on the NW5.10 servers to better handle the schema sync, however you will experience problems until the 4.10 servers are out of the tree.

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