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Remove a Server Reference

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Posted: 1 Feb 2001

Ever have a new, not-yet-backed up server that has died? Did that server have a read/write replica. In order to get things going again, you now need to remove any reference to the server from the tree. Yikes.

Well, do not fear, help is near.

You'll need to run NDS Manager from a workstation and delete the server object with that tool. You'll get an error or two, but should be able to get past them as long as you have the admin password.

Once that is done, you should view the replica rings that had contained that server and make sure the server is not listed anywhere. If it is, you can remove that server from the replica ring.

After that, remove the volume objects using NW Admin - they will show up as unknown objects since the server has been deleted.

Also, have a look at TID 10010922 or search the knowledgebase for "crashed server" for some more reading enjyoment on this issue.

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