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eDirectory and NDS Differences

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Posted: 16 May 2001

Edirectory is successor of NDS 7.x. (thus NDS version 8)

NDS Coporate Edition is NDS for NT + NDS for Solaris.

NDS Corporate Edition integrates Windows NT and Sun Solaris user management functions into NDS eDirectory so that you can easily and inexpensively manage a network comprised of multiple platforms and operating systems.

The Edirectory product differs from NDS 8 which was a release of the directory only on the NetWare platform.

Edirectory is a native, cross platform version that runs on NT, Windows 2000, Solaris and NetWare. It's called Edirectory to refer to a competitive e-business advantage.

It is also a stand-alone Internet directory that powers your e-business by helping you build secure, customized, and responsive relationships with savvy Internet partners, suppliers, customers, and employees.

NDS eDirectory is the next release of NDS and is not limited in functionality. eDirectory is Novell's directory platform that is cross platform, highly scalable, secure, reliable, LDAP based, e-business foundation.

NDS Corporate Edition is a network resource management tool built on top of NDS eDirectory to enable companies to integrate resources (like user accounts, printers, routers, NT domains, etc) across the network and simplify network management.

NDS eDirectory is the foundation for e-business. eDirectory is the only directory that provides the highly scalable, secure directory platform. NDS eDirectory provides the solution that ISV's need to provide authentication and profile identity management of users.

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