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GUI tools for Linux - dTk (ndsrepair), nTk (ndsconfig)

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Posted: 5 Nov 2003

Check this out. These two useful eDirectory tools, formerly known as NDSREPAIR and NDSCONFIG are now available in the Novell Forge.

dTk (ndsrepair)

The NDSRepair for UNIX Menu Wrapper is a UNIX shell script providing a menu for NDSRepair with a DSREPAIR.NLM look and feel. NDSRepair is a UNIX command-line utility used to check and repair the NDS database. The menu wrapper displays the same menu options found in the DSREPAIR.NLM menu. It will detect the installed NDS version and show the appropriate NDSRepair menu options.

nTk (ndsconfig)

The NDSCONFIG utility is used to configure eDirectory. This utility can also be used to add the eDirectory Replica Server into an existing tree or to create a new tree. When this utility is used with arguments, it validates all arguments and prompts for the password of the user having Administrator rights. If the utility is used without arguments, ndsconfig displays a description of the utility and available options.

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