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Upgrading to eDirectory 8.5

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By David Nicoll, Mark Schouls

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Posted: 22 Aug 2001

Version: eDirectory 8.5

As you prepare to upgrade your servers to eDirectory 8.5 or 8.6, you may be looking for a bit of practical advice. We checked with David Nicoll (Novell Consulting Scotland) and Mark Schouls (Consultant, Novell Canada) who have done this recently, and here is what they suggest.

If you have anything to add to this list, please let us know.

David Nicoll

David has had best results by upgrading a server with the master replica of [ROOT] first, followed by doing each other replica ring one at a time. That is, either move a replica for the ring onto the already upgraded server, or upgrade a server which contains only that, or already upgraded, replica ring.

Once all rings have an upgraded server, upgrade the remaining servers in any convenient order.

He does mention that this isn't always what the documentation suggests, but it's certainly what they've found most reliable.

As always, make sure that all your servers are up to the minimum requirements and that NDS is healthy before introducing any NDS 8 into the tree.

Mark Schouls

Mark suggested this course of action:

  1. Copy DSREPAIR.NLM from the DS8.5 (eDir) CD to the System folder on each server.
  2. Run DSREPAIR on the server that holds the Master replica of the [ROOT] partition (step 2 only needs to be done on this server).
    • Run Post NetWare 5 Schema Update.
    • Run Optional Schema Enhancements.
    • Run Repair Local DS Database > Set Check Local References and Rebuild Operational schema to YES, the remaining options to NO. Choose "Yes, save the repaired database" and run with the same options until there are no errors.
  3. Run PREDS8A patch on server.
  4. If NetWare 5, install NICI 1.5.4.
  5. Run a DSREPAIR again.
  6. Install NDS8.5.

It is best to start with the server that holds the Master of [ROOT], and progress from there.

Other Suggestions

Ronald Zink

Concerning your article about upgrading to NDS 8.5. One item that I would suggest after we had issues is to make sure and use some utility to back up trustee rights on all of your volumes. Even with the pre-installation utilities, we found that we were losing anywhere from 50%-100% of the trustee rights. We utilized a tool called TBackup and TRestore available on Novell's site to backup and then restore trustees.

If you have any questions you may contact Ronald at

Anthony Cotton

Bit to add - don't forget to check your HP printers. JetDirect firmware needs to be 8.03 or greater. Some cards can't be upgraded! If they aren't upgraded, the only way to print is over LPR!

Eric C. Young

Make sure your server is running JVM 1.1.7b. Apparently there is a nasty undocumented problem with the install if you are using JVM 1.2.2. This is really bad if you are doing a remote install, because you can't see the Java GUI and the error gets stuck toward the end of the install process.

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Blake C. wrote: Edir 8.5 Upgrade tips: great value and really helped with upgrade.

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