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Using Mail Merge to Create an LDIF

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By Tony Gettig

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Posted: 22 Aug 2001

I work for a school district and this year we are giving our high school students their own user accounts. (They previously used generic, very restricted logins.)

Rather than write a custom app to create an LDIF from my comma delimited source file or learn ICE, I used MS-Word to create a mail merge to a new document. I saved that file as "whatever.ldif" as a MSDOS text file (the quotes are important) and POOF! I had an LDIF file that BULKLOAD.NLM handled just fine. I've created user account LDIF's and mass change LDIF's this way too. Just make sure to follow LDIF syntax carefully.

Also, I tried setting an initial password with my user creation LDIF. That didn't seem to work. However, a subsequent LDIF to modify the users password worked great.

All in all, it didn't take very long to get done what I needed by using the MS-Word Mail Merge to make the LDIF and import it. And it was way easier than figuring out ICE.

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