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Tranferring Single Reference Time Server Role to Another Server

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By Mark Steele

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Posted: 2 Mar 2004

If you ever need to transfer the NetWare 4 Single Reference time server role from one server to another, for example when running down your old NetWare 4 network as NetWare 6 replaces it, here's how to do it.

  1. Check all Secondary servers for configured sources. Where they are in use, make a note as you will need to change each of these later.
  2. Down the server that will be taking on the role and check that its real time clock is set to UTC. If it isn't, then make it so and restart NetWare.
  3. Load SERVMAN on the current single reference server and demote it to a Secondary.
  4. Load SERVMAN on the server that will be taking the role and promote it to a Single Reference.
  5. Down the new Single Reference server and check the RTC as before. Bring the server back up.
  6. Check all the servers that should take their time from this new Single Reference. If they have configured sources turned on, try turning it off and restart timesync. If they still don't pick up the new Single Reference server, delete the old server from the configured sources, add the new one and turn configured sources back on. Secondaries that did not use configured time sources should be treated much the same way - restart timesync and if the new Single Reference server is not picked up add it as a configured time source and turn that service on.

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