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Posted: 26 Oct 2001

Version: eDirectory 8.5.1

If you're struggling to get eDirectory 8.5.1 running on Tru64 UNIX with LDAP and rfc2307, these tips may just nudge you in the right direction.

First, here's a good document to get you around the LDAP Module for System Authentication issues.

Then, check your schema for a mapping of uidNumber and gidNumber. These may be interfering with your rfc2307 schema.

Here is a quick way to detect this:
    ldapsearch -h <host> -s base -b 'cn=schema' objectclass=* attributetypes | grep gidNumber

Check for X-NDS_NAME 'GID' in the attribute definition. If this is found, then you have a mapping. Ditto for uidNumber. Delete such mappings, restart all the LDAP servers and then add in the rfc2307 schema updates anew.

The UNIX profile snap-in writes to gidNumber thru NDAP and not LDAP. If you have gidNumber as a mapping to the GID attribute (this is default), then the snap-in will not be able to 'see' the attribute. Remove this mapping and make sure that the rfc2307 schema update has indeed added the gidNumber as an actual attribute.

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