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Monitoring your RAID Remotely

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By Stig Sørensen

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Posted: 2 Mar 2004

Attached to our primary NetWare 6 server, we have a IDE-SCSI RAID that only allows monitoring/configuration thrugh a VT100 interface connected to a serial port. Since we have had a few problems with faulty disks, we wanted to be able to monitor this RAID remotely, preferably on the server's remote console.

SOLUTION: It turns out that NetWare 6 already includes a utility for just this kind of job, the "CPE Configuration Console", a nifty utility that can do VT100 emulation on a serial line. (Look for cpecfg.nlm on this page.)

  • To use the CPE console, you must first load the Novell AIO Serial Port Driver:

  • Additional options for configuring the serial port can be found by typing:

  • The most common values for using COM1 and COM2 are:
    LOAD AIOCOMX.NLM Port = 3F8 Int = 4


    LOAD AIOCOMX.NLM Port = 2F8 Int = 3

  • When the drivers are loaded and the cables are hooked up, you can launch CPE Config by typing:

  • Use the "Configure Async Port" to set up communication parameters, remembering to turn on VT100 emulation. Then use the "CPE Communication Screen" to access your VT100 capable serial device.

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