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Configuring Contextless Login to Search Part of the Tree

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By Debbie Carraway

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Posted: 9 Nov 2001

I wanted to use the LDAP contextless login extensions from the dirExperts download. However, I needed to be able to search just a part of the tree, and did not want to change the chaining behaviour of our LDAP servers.

The non-LDAP version (lgnclw32.dll) has instructions for configuring "pruning" to restrict the contexts that are searched, but the LDAP version (lgncxw32.dll) does not have a documented way to specify a search base.

I used Sysinternals Regmon to see what happens when the LDAP contextless login extension does a search, and it looks like pruning might be there though undocumented. The login extension looks in:


for a dword value called "UsePruning" with a value of 0x00000001. You just substitute your tree's name for myTreeName.

Then it reads the subkeys within >:myTreeName<\CxPruning. You can create multiple keys here to specify the search base, using LDAP syntax (use commas instead of periods in the distinguished name).

For example, I created some keys with names like:



Be aware that it is looking for *keys* with those names, not values.

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