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Managing eDirectory on Solaris

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Posted: 30 Nov 2001

We heard from a reader who wants to install eDirectory onto their Sun Solaris servers. Eventually, they want to authenticate to eDirectory on the Solaris servers after hitting NT web servers running IIS.

So what's it going to take?

Since this is classified as a "pre-sales" query, we got all kinds of help with the answer. (Oh, if they were all this easy.)

If you're planning on doing the eDirectory on Solaris thing, here's the scoop: They/you will most likely need ConsoleOne at some point. If they/you indend to manage eDirectory from the Solaris box then they/you will need ConsoleOne on Solaris. If they/you intend to manage eDirectory from a Windows box, then they/you will need the Win32 version of ConsoleOne. From the directory perspective, it doesn't matter what platform you manage it from.

They/you can download all the ConsoleOne components from

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