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Upgrades: There's an Order to These Things

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By Marcel Cox

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Posted: 17 Jan 2002

We are currently running NetWare 5.0 with ZENworks for Desktops 2, NDS 7 and Support Pack 5. We are thinking about upgrading to NetWare 5.1 with eDirectory 8.5.1 and upgrading to ZENworks for Desktops 3.2. Can you suggest an order for this upgrade. Do we upgrade to 5.1 first? Is eDirectory next?

Install order of products:

  1. upgrade to NetWare 5.1 (NDS7)
  2. install NetWare 5.1, Support Pack 3
  3. install eDirectory 8.5.1
  4. install ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

  1. Installing eDirectory 8.5.1 on a NetWare 5.0 server makes it difficult to upgrade to 5.1 as the 5.1 install will ignore the fact that eDirectory 8.5.1 is installed and will downgrade to NDS8. However NDS8 will not understand the database and NDS will not work after the upgrade. There is, of course, a solution for this which is to create the consolidated upgrade CD (NW 5.1 with integrated support pack), but it is best is to avoid the problem rather than fix it.
  2. If the source server is running DS.NLM 7.47 or lower, upgrade to NetWare 5.1 NDS 7. There is no need to go to NetWare 5.1 NDS8. Going to NDS8 during the upgrade would just increase the risk of something going wrong during the upgrade. Given there will be an upgrade to eDirectory 8.5.1 anyway, the upgrade to NDS8 would not be necessary. However, if the server is running DS.NLM 7.48 or later (7.51 was the first released version after 7.47), then it is problematic to go the NetWare 5.1 NDS7 as the format of the NDS files have changed. In this case, there is the choice between:
    • installing NW 5.1 from a consolidated installation CD (NW 5.1 + NW51SP3)
    • installing NW 5.1 NDS8
    • downgrading the NDS before installing NW 5.1
  3. eDirectory 8.5.1 requires NW51SP2a or later. So you have to install a support pack before eDirectory 8.5.1. Of course, NetWare 5.1 installed from a combined NetWare 5.1 + SP3 CD would also do.
  4. It is better to install eDirectory 8.5.1 before the new ZENworks version. ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 adds a lot of stuff to the NDS, and installing it after the DS upgrade makes the NDS upgrade itself faster and safer.

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