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Extracting Server Disk Space Stats

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Posted: 16 Mar 2004

Recently we published this Q&A and asked for other suggestions.

Question: When my organisation previously used NetWare5, I was able to use a utility called Automate4 to extract server disk space stats. Since our upgrade to NetWare 6, which uses NSS, such info extractions are no longer possible.

Are you aware of any utilities that can perform such extraction tasks on NetWare 6?

Answer: One option is NetWare Remote Manager (NRM), which can show you a ton of statistics about your server's volumes.

See the NRM docs for further info.

Another possibility is that one of the JRB utilities might do what you want.

OPEN CALL: Anyone got any suggestions? What works best for you?


Sami Kapanen

Along with the JRB utilities, also supplies nice little utils for this. e.g:

  • VGadget - quick status summary of any/all of the volumes on your NetWare servers
  • DSpace - find out quickly and easily who is using all the space on a volume

Larry Bernstone

NSS provides a volume called _ADMIN which contains relevant info about the NSS pools. You can map to this volume \\<server>\_ADMIN and look in the pool directory for files called PoolInfo.xml. They contain free space and total space entries for the pools. You could set up a script (Perl has XML parser modules which would work well for this) that reads these files from a number of servers.

Paul Thompson

Here's a way to monitor the disk space of your NetWare volumes from a Linux workstation.

SUSE distributions include a utility called nwvolinfo. The basic syntax is:

nwvolinfo    -S <server>   -U <username.context>   -P <password>   -v <volume> [-N]

That will output something like this:

Total : 95762072K
Free : 54052672K
Purgable : 20891932K
No Purg. : 0K
Dirs : 2147483647
Free dirs: 2146469252

The -N switch displays the information in numeric-only format, so with the help of a shell script you could generate output like this for all your servers/volumes:

Server Volume Total Free Purgeable No Purg Dirs Free dirs
ukb001 sys 4024676K 893340K 154892K 0K 2147483647 2147389081
ukb001 data 95762072K 54052672K 20891932K 0K 2147483647 2146469252

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