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Where's NDS Manager in NetWare 6?

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Posted: 26 Feb 2002

Here's a question (and a bevy of answers) about a feature that appears to have relocated in NetWare 6. If you have advice to add, fire away.

Jose M. asked: How can I check partition continuity without NDS Manager? Is there some specific option in ConsoleOne (or may be in iMonitor) to provide a tree wide partition continuity check?

I'm talking about some utility that provide the same functionality as the well-know NDSManager menu option "View-Partitions and Servers".

Cyle D. wrote: It's all in ConsoleOne! If you noticed on the TREE on left browse window there is a little circle that looks like a clock. That shows a partition. Click on the TREE or a Container (O or OU) and you should see NDS Buttons show up on the Tool Bar.

Christophe W. wrote: Have a look in ConsoleOne under the view menu and select partition and replica. You should be able to look in NetWare Remote Manager browser utilities under "Manage eDirectory" and "iMonitor". This is also a great tools to check your NDS status.

Ginny R. wrote: Check out Remote Manager. It does all (or at least most) of the functions that were in NDS Manager. It's web based, so it'll take a little getting used to compared to NDS Manager, but it works great. Also, you do have the ability to group your servers in Remote Manager so you can see them all at the same time.

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