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Synchronizing Passwords Between eDirectory and Active Directory

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By Matthew D'Amico

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Posted: 28 Feb 2002

Novell Systems Engineer Matthew D'Amico explains (in terms even *we* can understand) the hows and whys behind password synchronization and the directory heavyweights.

When associating users that already exist in Active Directory with users that already exist in eDirectory, the passwords cannot be synchronized until a password change is forced.

Passwords are stored in Active Directory in an irreversible format, meaning they cannot be decrypted.

When the filters are installed on a Domain Controller using the Password Synchronization install or applet, the Password Synchronization Service is registered as a Notification Package. So the next time a password is changed in eDirectory, Active Directory is notified of this change. Similarly, if a password is changed in Active Directory, the change is propagated to eDirectory.

Once the Account Management for Windows 2000 has been installed, all subsequent users that are created will synchronize passwords automatically.

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