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Using iFolder to Configure Non-Standard Machines

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By Peter Smith

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Posted: 16 Mar 2004

Pre-configured images are useful for standard configurations, but what of non-standard machines or when you just want to tweak a new install just so? Where can you turn to have the flexibility of installing only the patches, software and updates that you require for your task at hand?

SOLUTION: Create an iFolder account with all the required applications, patches and toys (er, business software) that you want already within the folder. After the install of the OS, log into your account and watch the software fly onto your machine.

After iFolder is installed and updated on the local PC or laptop, you can then select the appropriate software that you require for the specific task.

One added advantage is that no Internet bandwidth was consumed, assuming you are connected to the LAN directly.

For users who may reside off the LAN and have a decent connection to the local office, you can further customize an iFolder account to be a leaner software distrubtion gallery of only critical patches, AV updates or the like. Users may prefer a single folder with all the needed software pre-loaded, saving them from each locating the software directly (AV Updates for example). Not only is it a convenient location for users to locate, you can add only the tested patches or software that you want for installation.

EXAMPLE: After installing an OS to an older laptop, a temporary iFolder was created and only the required software was installed for a system with limited resources that a standard image would not fit on.

The machine was then configured for remote access knowing that all the required patches, software modification were available and installed on the system.

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