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Alias Utility for Contextless Login

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Posted: 20 Mar 2002

We recently posted an article about how aliases can be used to provide users with a contextless login solution (see Centralis Lyncx: Alias Utility for TCS Contextless Login. As a result of that story, a reader reminded us of a free (and recently updated) utility designed to ease and automate the process of creating aliases in eDirectory. Here's the latest info on Centralis' Lyncx utility:

Centralis Lyncx is a free tool that simplifies the process of creating aliases for users in eDirectory. It allows administrators to select users and drag and drop them into a container, automatically creating an aliases for them. Lyncx was designed to support administrators who want to use alias accounts to deliver contextless logins to Windows Terminal Server and MetaFrame environments, but don't have the time (or energy) to set up aliases manually for each user.

The Lyncx utility was developed by Centralis to assist their consultants as they configured contextless log-in solutions for customers deploying integrated Windows Terminal Server / MetaFrame and NDS solutions.

Version 1.28 has been updated with the latest Novell and Centralis controls to be fully compatible with the new Centralis Toolset.

Lyncx is available for download from the Centralis Download Center you can also read about the benefits, uses, and instructions for setting up Contextless Login for Windows Terminal Server and MetaFrame Environments in their Lyncx Whitepaper.

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