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Scheduling DSRepair Using Cron.NLM

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By Jim Trotter

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Posted: 3 Apr 2002

Here's what:
I noticed a free tool (beta) to perform automatic volume purges (AVP Utility). One alternative to that tool is to use CRON.NLM (part of the NetWare installation) and Toolbox.NLM (tbox7.exe from the Minimum Patch List page on Novell).

Here's how:
Load toolbox (see note below) on your server (hint: include it in autoexec.ncf) and run dir once to get the authentication in the authentication table. Set up a CRON job that calls an NCF file which ChDirs to each NetWare volume then calls the toolbox's purge command. This can be run on one server and can purge volumes on other remote servers.

Since this is set up as a CRON job, this is a fire-and-forget solution to constantly purge the server volumes on a regularly-scheduled basis.


chdir server1\sys:
purge -a
chdir server1\vol1:
purge -a
chdir server2\sys:
purge -a
chdir server2\vol1:

This is also good for running an automatic DSREPAIR. My sample CRONTAB file for DSREPAIR is below:

# Min - Minute (0-59)
# Hour - Hour (0-23)
# DOM - Day of month (1-31)
# Month - Month (1-12)
# DOW - Day of Week (0-6 where 0 is Sunday)
# * - Wildcard, matches everything
# Fields delimited by spaces

#Min     Hour     DOM     Month     DOW     Command
15       02       *       *         6       load dsrepair -u
Note Below:
The toolbox readme file has a few requirements you should know about:
  • 4.10 servers require 410PT8B and LIBUPJ4 or greater
  • 4.11 servers require Service Pack 5 or greater

  • If the above requirements are not met, Toolbox may not be able to load because of unresolved symbols.
  • Also note that on 4.1x and 5.0, you must load CLIBAUX.NLM before loading TOOLBOX, otherwise some symbols may not be found. CLIBAUX is included in the support packs.

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