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Installing Novell Account Manager 2.1 on eDirectory 8.6.2

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Posted: 4 Apr 2002

For updates to this tip, please see TID-10069401.

To install Novell Account Management 2.1 on a Windows 2000 server running eDirectory 8.6 follow the following steps:

Step 1:
Patch eDirectory to 8.6.2 or later.

Step 2:
Download patch dxntp1.exe and extract it to its own folder.

Step 3:
Launch the NDS services window and start the install.dlm. Choose to install additional schema files. Authenticate into the database and then browse to the file vrschema.sch which is in the extracted dxntp1.exe patch.

Step 4:
It is recommended that you copy your Account Management CD to the hard drive and then overlay the Account Management SP1 patch (AMW2KSP1.EXE).

Step 5:
Install NICI 1.5.7.

Step 6:
Install Account Management 2.1 for Windows 2000.

eDirectory 8.6.2 is recommended for all platforms running eDirectory.

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