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Posted: 25 Apr 2002

You've no-doubt noticed the new ranking system we've installed to capture feedback about our articles. This system helps us improve our offerings and see what the hot topics are and where we should be focusing our energy.

While reviewing the scores (yep, we actually do that), we ran across a TID that is getting high marks from a lot of readers and wanted to point it out (in case you haven't already seen it).

It's titled Various NDS Guidelines and is located at

Kudos to the Support Team for putting together such a comprehensive and informative piece. Here's what it covers:

  1. NDS Health Checks
  2. NDS Background Processes
  3. Replica Guidelines
  4. External References and Backlinks
  5. Replica Sync in NW 4 v NW 5
  6. Replica Transition States
  7. Steps to NDS Troubleshooting
  8. Tools used to Investigate and Resolve NDS Issues
  9. Performing Replica Operations
  10. Dsrepair
  11. Server Maintenance Tasks
  12. Disaster Recovery Strategies
  13. Identify and Resolve Inconsistencies Between Containers
  14. Time Synchronization in the NetWare Environment
  15. Server-to-Server Communication
  16. Identify and Repair Corrupted Objects
  17. Troubleshooting Obituaries
  18. Upgrading to NDS8

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