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Reviving Your Web Server After eDirectory Install

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Posted: 3 May 2002

If you've just installed eDirectory on a Windows machine and now you're an error that's keeping your web server from working, here's a fix.

By the way, this fix is documented in TID-10069923. We won't be offended if you go there for details and updates.

The problem:
Can't start the web server after eDirectory install on Windows.

The error:
"IP address is already in use"

The culprit:
Port 80 is opened by NDS iMonitor causing a port conflict with the web server.

The fix:
Change the port for Ndsimon.dlm by locating the ndsimon.ini in the c:\Novell\NDS directory of the eDirectory Server.

Uncomment the HttpPort line and replace 80 with a port not already in use on the server. (HttpPort: 81)

Below is a selected portion of the ndsimon.ini:

# !!! Note: By default this file has no effect. !!! |
# | 
# To change any of the defaults, you must remove |
# the '#' character on the line below the box. | 
# All the parameter values must be specified in UTF-8. |

# Port where the http server should run. 
# By default we try 80. If that is taken, we attempt 8008. |
# Note : This has no effect on NetWare. NetWare uses the same ...|
#HttpPort: 80

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