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More Speeding Tips for NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops

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Posted: 31 May 2002

We're getting a lot of tips and suggestions on this topic. If you have a tip that's helped with this problem, send it our way.

Do you use Windows 2000 desktop? And do you use it to connect to a NetWare Box? Of course you do. And if you are like me you are annoyed at the long network neighborhood delays when opening and browsing Novell. Here are some tips that have helped others:

Delete the Name Space Key
Enable TCP Checksum Offloading
Disable Remote Scheduler
Microsoft Remote Registry Fix

  • Delete the Name Space Key
    submitted by Lee Pipkin
  • In our environment the suggested fix from Microsoft only slightly improved the browsing delay (by 1-3 seconds). I stumbled upon another fix from Microsoft Q316874 - "A Long Delay Occurs When You Search for Files or Folders on a Remote NetWare Server". This improved the browsing significantly in our environment.

    I also took the registry deletion that is talked about a step further. I deleted the "NAME SPACE" key under HCLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\EXPLORER\REMOTE COMPUTER. So it just leaves "Remote Computer" with no subordinates keys. This too showed improvement in the browsing delay. (At least in our environment).

  • Enable TCP Checksum Offloading
    submitted by Francis Little
  • By default Win2K and XP disable TCP checksum offloading to the network card. To switch it on and speed things up a bit add the following to your registry:

  • Disable Remote Scheduler
    submitted by Graham Marsh
  • An alternative applying a Win2K post-SP2 hotfix is to disable the remote scheduler service altogether, arguably this is better than having it active in many cases.

    Information on how to disable this service is available (list item #9) here:

  • Microsoft Remote Registry Fix
    submitted by Sterling Smith
  • There's a TID on the Microsoft site that offers the reason, and a fix. Here's what they say:

    When you try to open a computer folder on a NetWare-based (or compatible) network from a Windows 2000 computer that is running Microsoft's Client Service for NetWare, you may experience a delay of 20-30 seconds.
    This problem can occur when the Windows Explorer program tries to open the remote registry to determine if the computer supports a Task Scheduler to display the Scheduled Tasks folder. The API that performs this operation takes a long time to time out and not work.

    Here is the full information.;en-us;Q269590

    Get the fix here: Windows 2000 Network Delay Fix

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