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Got NT User Manager Problems? Here's a Solution

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By Patrice Clement

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Posted: 3 Jun 2002

We are using Novell Account Manager (NAM) 2.1 for NT with the latest samserv.dll and the 4.83 client.

Everything works fine when we create a user with ConsoleOne. But when we create a user with NT User Manager we get the following error:

The following error occurred creating the user xxxx:

Unable to update the password.
The value provided for the new password
contains values that are not allowed in password.

Note: This error can come up regardless of the password used.

I've verified that the user does get created in eDirectory, but the domain membership is not added. Does anyone have any ideas on what may be going on?

Make sure to check the "Account Policy" of the NT Domain (see the screen shot below). You can access this Account Policy from the User Manager utility by going into the "Policies" menu and choosing the "Account" option.

This policy defines the rules regarding the passwords in the NT Domain (among other things). If you are in a situation where the NT Domain rules are more restrictive than the eDirectory rules, one could run into a problem similar to the one you are describing.

Let's say that you require passwords of 6 characters or more in eDirectory but the NT Domain requires passwords of 8 characters or more. In that situation NAM would be unable to create the account into the NT Domain when the password length is 7 characters.

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