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Running eDirectory From Your Laptop

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Posted: 1 Aug 2002

We found this developer trying to squeeze some extra cycles out of his train ride to work. Here's his dilema and some sage advice from a peer.

The setup:
I want to run a copy of eDir on my laptop so I can do development work on my 70-80 minute commuter train ride. I have it installed and running, and have been able to DS Repair it.

I have the MS Loopback adapter installed, I have been trying to get this thing to allow me to log in. I did get in once, but I'm not exactly sure how I did it. I think I put in the autoconfiguration address MS gave to the loopback adapter (why isn't it Since then, it just tells me that the tree or server name cannot be found.

Surely somebody has done this. Is my brain just cramping badly? What's the trick?

The solution:
I found the easiest method was to manually apply an IP address to the adapter (in my case and them make sure that it is the last adapter to be used for routing.

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