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Using NAL Toolkit to Ease Upgrades

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By Glenn Barvang

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Posted: 15 Oct 2002

Glenn Barvang submitted this piece of great upgrade advice as part of our "how do you use Cool Tools?" contest. Since upgrades are something we all approach with caution, we thought this tip was especially useful.

The good old NAL Toolkit never lets me down. Before doing any upgrade or migration, I always use the appxport utility before I make another move.

I like doing it in batch mode, so I do a nlist app:application /n /s to get the full list of applications in the tree, and then import this to Excel (a fantastic tool for editing batch files). I copy and paste all the necesarry tools and then run the bat.

Typically I get a batch file like this:

cx context
appxport tree "app1" drive:path\app1.aot
aotxport drive:path app1 app1.axt

Then I know I have a full copy of all the apps just in case anything goes wrong.

The NAL Toolkit of which Glenn speaks so highly has a new name but you can still get to it in our Cool Tools area. Here are the coordinates

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