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Tuning Your Directory to Harmonize with JRButils

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By James Brennan

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Posted: 15 Oct 2002

Here's a tip from one of our education readers, James Brennan, that explains how to get more horsepower out of the already-phenomenal JRBtools.

I work in a large college and every year we have to delete all our users -- including GroupWise mailboxes -- and re-enter them.

We use JRButils ( for this task and have found if we tune eDirectory with the following tweaks, we get better performance out of our directory during the import process.

SET DSTRACE=!MDYN,%:75,MIN:8388608

The first bit of the command sets a dynamic limit of 75% of available server memory for eDirectory to use. The second bit sets a minimum of 8MB to keep everything else running okay.

Of course, importing locally to the server is highly recommended!

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